Post-Pandemic Smart Workplace Designs

The pandemic now means we need to reinvent our working environment. We will need to implement new policies and procedures to control crowd size, flow and enforce health and safety measures. The idea is to limit potential exposure without hampering human interaction.

Rethink Your Fitouts

For the medical fraternity (for example), it means designing your space in a way that medical fitouts can incorporate new health and safety protocols. Undeniably, you should consider a medical fitout if you are looking at enhancing the atmosphere of your facility. Medical fitouts always help properly utilize space. Earmark seating areas, expand and contract them according to changing patient flow. This way, you can focus on keeping your patient flow happy and relaxed. Good quality medical fitouts need hiring a professional that understands the aim and vision of your company, can work on a set budget, has good time management skills, and can provide a highly functional space for you, your patients, and staff.

Changes You Need To Make

With chances of commutable diseases on the rise, offices across South Australia have reasons to seriously reconsider some basic changes in their offices. Lobbies with ample seating arrangements now need careful reconfiguration or (could) temporarily need to be blocked off, to encourage physical distancing and discourage unnecessary gatherings.

Manual locks could be replaced by keyless entry through smartphones, smartwatches, or voice-activated technologies. The use of face masks should only be considered as a complementary measure and not a replacement for established preventive practices, such as physical distancing, cough and sneeze etiquette, hand hygiene, and avoiding face touching.

The Covid-19 pandemic and future challenges now present an opportunity to accelerate the use of smart building technology, which will ensure medical facilities are designed in such a way as to reduce the spread of airborne disease. The changes may include air filtration systems, providing masks and cleaning equipment to employees, and installing temperature checkpoints. Rapid antigen test facilities in workplaces can play a role in reducing the spread of the virus in high-risk indoor settings. Involving the nearest health and safety committee/hospital, providing personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed, and training employees on proper PPE use will also add to the safety.

Emotional Well Being

Long absence from the office environment has led to social anxiety. We have had to relearn our social dynamics at the workplace too. Setting up the mechanism of social interactions without excessive exposure is the key. Consider teleconferencing and acrylic screened structures for example. Also, consider including places, compounds where traveling employees could be stationed, without making them feel isolated or ostracized. Your fitout expert should be able to make allowances for an emotive need within the working environment.

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