Lets Save Energy

Employ a fitout specialist that can help you save energy and employ green practices

The three major energy drainers in an office space include heating, cooling, and lighting. Australian construction and refurbishing practices are all looking at ways to sustainability and green practices. It is a fact that energy-efficient workspaces can help to lower carbon footprint and also save running costs to the employer. Here are a few ways it can be achieved. 

Reduce Overall Heat

Minimizing or reducing the need for artificial air conditioning can improve indoor air quality and is also beneficial to health. Investing in aircons that consume less electricity and keeping the workplace green by putting low-maintenance plants and greenery inside will improve the air quality. Choosing light colours exterior and interior of the building can help to keep the temperature right as dark colours absorb more heat. Keeping aircons well maintained helps them be more efficient while reducing fuel costs.

Go Natural

Implementing solar power systems is another way to save energy. Areas that experience a lot of sunny days can greatly benefit from this idea. It has as little impact on the environment compared to electricity. It might cost more to get the solar panel installed but will certainly help to save money in the longer run. At a one-time cost, installations can be done in consultation with an expert architect and interior designer team.

Smart E-savings

Investing in laptops over computers for offices is a great way to cut on electricity bills. Computers need more energy to run compared to laptops. Choosing the right screen size and turning on the hibernation mode will also help. Hibernation mode is when the computer is turned off but saves the ongoing work and resumes when it is turned on again. Get your fitouts designed in a way to facilitate laptop use and mobility. Go for cloud storage and less use of paper, as much as possible. Internal structures should facilitate good internet connectivity. Upgrade old devices and equipment to newer and improved ones. This can dramatically save on your electricity consumption.

With the new technology, you get more efficient and advance devices. It can be lighting, laptops, printers, telephone systems, literally anything that consumes electricity.  

(If you are still looking for a fitout specialist to give you tips on customizable office interiors, contact Beekbuild now.)