How To Relocate Your Office Efficiently

Keeping some simple things in mind before the moving date can make a change of place a lot more joyful and exciting

Any change comes with its excitement and adjustments too. But with prior planning, you can make the whole movement one of great joy. At Beek Build, we can put a list together for you to experience movement in a comfortable way.

Chalk Details Out

If you are running an office with fitouts, the best is to align with your fitout specialist/consultant and intimate them about your scheduled date of movement. Discuss with them the time required to dismantle and reassemble. Set a calendar with timelines and a deadline of when you want yourself functioning again. Divide tasks amongst your employees and make them feel as responsible about certain aspects of moving office.

Communicate With Your Team

Ensure you have let them know of that there is change happening. Sudden changes can throw a lot of people disarray and hurt their overall productivity. As it is, Covid-19 has brought in the mayhem of work from home disruption. While one single message should do the magic, but if you are fast-moving business, chances are, you will need more than one message to inform and reiterate the movement. Send reminders or inform your coworkers about the movement. Engage them in important tasks that they should undertake before they ready themselves for a change of venue.

Declutter And DeJunk

This is a good time to declutter and get rid of things that are not being used. Engage your employees in doing this. Ask each to be responsible for their own junk. Organize a donation drive to give away what can be useful to others in society. Do responsible disposal keeping in mind the carbon footprint and sustainability goals of your community in mind.

Planning For De-Fitting

A new space will come with its own demands. Most office spaces already have fixtures, decals, and frostings in place. So, ensure you have a fitout expert who can give you tips on how to amalgamate existing structures into the new workplace. Then it would be necessary to factor in some bit of scratching and surface damage while the new place is done up. Budget those things, color scheme, wiring, air-conditioning, etc before the actual shift happens.

At Beekbuild, we are a project management expert that put a team of experts together to give our customers the best possible service in fitout management. For consultation and service, please feel free to call us on (08) 8257 9152 or write to us at

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