Hot Desking- Why You Should Invest In It

Hot desking is a popular office practice that needs smart and intelligent office fitments

It is a fast-catching option to work, where a variety of workers enjoy using the same space at alternate times in the day for their work. It has been a fast-catching trend that prevents employees from being glued in their space, and a move towards flexibility and cost-efficiency. As #Adelaide is moving towards smart use of space, this is becoming the need of the hour.


Rental and mortgage rates are one of the highest costs to companies and it definitely helps to cut it down. it’s actually just one of many benefits. It allows them to keep the working space simple and easy to use. It can also help to increase productivity and efficiency. 

With the help of our creative #designers, qualified builders, and industry professionals, we work to develop a hot-desking solution for you, that will result in a productive and stylish #business environment.

Some companies, especially large ones, use hot-desking in their offices for various reasons like flexibility and cost-efficiency. Unoccupied space costs money to companies. It significantly reduces this wasted space each time a worker’s shift is over which results in less spending on space leasing and maintenance.

Inclusive Work Culture

Hot desking encourages people to move around the office and interact with team members from different backgrounds and roles resulting in a company culture that is conducive to teamwork and productivity. This is particularly useful for startups, freelancers looking to expand their network of partners and potential clients. This also allows team members that work on a specific task to sit around each other and share ideas, work towards a goal without the hassle of scheduling a formal meeting. It also contributes to the easy organization of the #workplace, since space is limited, there is not much room for clutter to grow, and takes less time to keep the place clean and clutter-free. 

Inevitable Consequences

There can be some cons of #hotdesking and this way of working which could discourage employers to give their best at work. With team members shifting around the office, it has the potential to be distracting with excessive noise and chatter which is disruptive.

Employers should consider having specific breakout spaces or a specific meeting room for group work. This allows team chat and discussion to be away from those focusing in silence. Most people who work in a traditional office love to decorate their personal space with photos, stationery, coffee mugs which can make work feel more homely. It can be a health hazard, especially in this day and age. The practice of hot-desking leads to unhygienic working areas compared to traditional workspaces where seats are permanently assigned. 

As #pandemic has brought a halt in the use of office space to some extent, this concept may be in a freeze mode. But going ahead, as more and more people get vaccinated, it is going to be a preferred work model.