From A Windowless Office To A Happy Space

Get a fitout specialist to help you create a warm and productive workspace if you are not blessed with windows in your office

It is a serious slag in your productivity if you are sitting in a windowless office. But a good fitout specialist can help solve this problem for you. A study conducted in Adelaide showed that stress and fatigue levels could be cut by up to 40 per cent by enjoying a landscape during the workday.

It is a fact but your office design can seriously hamper your good night’s sleep and general productivity throughout the day. Those who don’t see a lot of daylight in the day are massively fatigued, lack creative thought, will become sluggish, and eventually non- productive. But if you don’t have the luxury to provide natural light to your employees, opt for some smart designing to help your workforce remain healthy and productive through the day.

Focus On Lighting

Make the inside lighting bright and cheerful. Effective lighting should be done in a way to make the office look welcoming, without creating eye fatigue and headaches. Overhead hanging lights, netted lights or an long lamp not only acts as a decorative item but also creates a sense of space. Invest in bulbs that give maximum light with minimal heat.

Introduce Decorative Elements

Bring nature to your office space. Green is the color of nature and inspires a sense of calmness and wellbeing. You can create a green corner in the office where employees can go and unwind. Use green floor matting, indoor plants, vines, flowers etc. You could also introduce pieces of art, that inspire joy and give a sense of relaxation. Some soothing music playing through the day is another great way to break the monotony in office space.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors mimic windows and create a sense of depth and illusion of space. They are a fantastic way of creating a sense of oneness with nature without even being there. Keep them strategically to reflect back indoor plants. Ask your own fitout specialist to help you do these improvisations.

Color and Clutter

Use bright colors that inspire vitality, joy and energy renewal. Too much use of white and pastels can sap the energy of people making them feel uninspired. A red or a green wall in one corner of the office can be a respite for brainstorming.  Create a seating area with cartoons on the walls, get your fitout specialists to customize the wall with textured paint to break the overall monotony of the office.

(If you are still looking for a fitout specialist to give you tips on customizable office interiors, contact Beekbuild now.)