Draught Proofing Your Office Space

Employ a fitout specialist that can provide you with smart draught-proofing solutions without losing precious bucks of heating solutions

Draught is a phenomenon of leakage of air happening through the gaps in windows causing heat loss and discomfort to the occupants. These are common on windy days when the external cold air penetrates the fabric of the building, as a result causing unnecessary heat loss, as well loss of energy. This works both ways by loss of warm air from inside the building and penetration of cold air through the gaps.

In usual cases it takes place around the frames of external wooden doors and windows, this may happen due to poor product quality or workmanship in building the frames. Few other places where it can occur is between the frames of doors and windows and the brick-work, also under the window sills. One can easily identify the heat loss by holding the back of the door close to the perimeter of the door or a window.

The one good solution to this problem is Draught proofing. Through this process, one can save around £20 per year. Draught proofing makes the home comfortable even in low temperatures and you may be able to turn down the thermostat saving on energy bills.

Amongst the various methods to keep your building adequately warm, Draught proofing is the most cost-effective, yet too often overlooked. It provides a quick return, making up the cost of installations within a year and then saving the following years.

As a customer, you have a choice to select various draught-proofing materials available, whereas it is recommended that you first look for products manufactured at BS7386. They sustain long, provide seasonal gap variation, easy to install and maintain in long run. There are variants available that can be painted and stained. Few other materials available are brushes, foams, sealants to strips, and shaped rubber or plastic.

A good quality Draught proofing material also helps to reduce external noises penetration, in addition, to guarding against the ingress weather and dirt which can damage internal decoration. In order to get a complete overview of the sources of draught, it is suggested to show a professional installer where the draughts are coming from in your home.

Where-as it is important to keep in consideration to avoid completely sealing the kitchen and bathroom windows to let out the steam and create sufficient ventilation, also avoid interfering with the air vents for fires and heating appliances.